Fundación Ancestral

These 5 varieties were the archetypes for Cuban cigars for decades, until the Embargo. The power, flavor and aroma of the classic Havanas of bygone days...

Serie 1940:

Mild bodied, this cigar has  a nutty, woody flavor. A great smoke... these are what classic Havanas were all about.


Medium-bodied cigar,  with robust but controlled power. The archetype for the "Cuban taste", it vanished after 1962.

Serie 1942:

The wrapper`s oily sheen, strong floral flavors at the start are later joined by bunst chocolate tones, as the power builds from medium to full bodied. A truly elegant smoke.

Serie 1943:

This medium-bodied cigar has the most distinctive character in the line. Its woody flavor combines with a pronounced floral aroma and a lingering, exquisite finish. Taken slowly and gently, this cigar provides a memorable smoking experience.

Serie 1944:

A lovely cigar, mild bodied with floral undertones.