5 cigars Corona Purisco Rojo into each carboard box ( Total 10 cigars )

Size:  44 x 150 mm


Individually cellophane tubed.


Corona Purisco Rojo 2 Cardboard Box 1x5

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  • Written by Kevin Godbee

    Friday, 11 February 2006


    This is the one with the red band. It, too, comes in a corona, which is a size I enjoy. I am neither a good writer nor do I have a palate like many of youse guys(think it's a black & white accountant thingy), but here goes:

    I'm not a maduro smoker, so they sent me the natural. The draw was a tad firm. Nothing that I couldn't handle, but a little looser would have been prefered. The construction and look of this Costa Rican cigar was flawless.

    The first thing I noticed, post-lighting, was the incredible DARK ash. I actually had smoked another cigar before this and, using the same ashtray, the difference in the ash color was striking. I've only seen this dark an ash on Habanos.

    I really, REALLY concentrated on the flavour. As I said, I'm not good at this but I think I picked up some almond taste. That's good, right? I liked it. It was, maybe, medium bodied but I smoke strong cigars so my "scale " is probably a little skewed compared to most.

    I did like this cigar. It had a unique taste that I did enjoy.
    I would buy it again.