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Santa Marta de Puriscal, San José Costa Rica

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Welcome to Tabacos de la Cordillera


We are working to grow some of the world's best tobacco, in plantations located in the high cloudy mountain ranges of Costa Rica, in an area with unique soil and climate characteristics ideal for cultivation of Connecticut and Habana tobacco varieties. 


We grow all our tobacco naturally, from our 40+ genetically pure pre-Castro seed varieties or from new strains we've created from these ancestral seeds. Cuban tobacco has never since matched that standard of excellence.


We've captured the long-forgotten memory of true 100% pure habana tobacco, before JFK made cuban cigars illegal. Nowhere else will you find cigars being produced from these seeds, some going back 60 years. These genetic treasures thrive in the unique soil and microclimate of Santa Marta de Puriscal, Costa Rica. Monitored, pampered, aged, blended and manufactured using the best traditional Cuban process, their inherent smoking qualities are enhanced to perfection.

Not many smokers have experienced cigars like these.... 


Our passion and dedication to making the best is clearly seen in our cigars and tobacco. We strive to uphold the natural beauty of the Costa Rican land and know that we are only guarding the land for future generations.


If ever in Costa Rica, Please come visit us for a tour of the farm and production facility.



- José González